Friday, September 11, 2009


Around August 11, 2009 I get a call from my cousin, Delane. She tells me that Craig had an appointment with his heart doctor that morning and they ended up rushing him to Birmingham at Trinity Medical Center with a 99% blockage to an artery in the heart and a 95% blockage to an artery in his neck. James and I took off to Birmingham to meet Delane, Aunt Irene and my sister Geinger. Later, Lisa my ex-sister in law, her mom Ramona and Craig's daughter, Jordan came to see him. God intervened on Craig's behalf that day, no other way to explain it. Neck surgery lasted for several hours and doctors said they got all the blockage. Thank you, Jesus! I praise God for all who came to see and help Craig. He might have not made it another day, if he hadn't had the doctors appointment that day. Craig got a new chance to live and we got a blessing to see the hands of God at work!

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