Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matt's Injuries on Mission Serve 2009

I got a call on Monday, July 13th from James. He said that Matt fell off a roof on Mission Serve, but is ok. I could tell by James' voice that he was shaken up a bit. Apparently James, Matt and the crew was covering the roof of a house they were working on with plastic. James told Matt not to step on the plastic. Matt thought he could put one foot on the plastic and have traction with the other foot. Not!!! Well, Matt lost his footing and slid down the roof feet first. Once off the roof, Matt hit a cable that flipped him on his back and he landed on his back, shoulder and head. James tells me Matt took a very bad fall! The doctor at East Carroll, LA told Matt that he could have broken his back, neck, been paralyzed or died! James said that God was watching after him! That His angels had to carry Matt down off that roof! I know that it was God's grace, love and mercy that was there!

After the call from James, I fell apart not knowing the true condition Matt was in! X-rays showed no broken bones, no concussion, nothing! Praise the Lord!!! Matt will just be sore for the next few days/weeks. After I made up my mind that I refused to fear the worst, because God did not give us a spirit of fear, I chose to pray and get the prayer warriors at church involved. Thank God for prayer!!! Prayer has such power over our adversary, Satan!!! I found out that when I sent the prayer request out, Mrs. Carol was online at the time and was praying for me at the same moment she received my email! Debra and Jackson was also praying for Matt at the same time the prayer request was sent out! So many people were praying!!! Wow!!! We serve an awesome God!!! He was already working on Matt's behalf. He knew what was to come for Matt and so many people were praying!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

I remember reading earlier that day, something that Max Lucado wrote. He was talking about Facing Your Giants...the fight with David and Goliath. He wrote something that just stuck in my head moments before I got the call about Matt..."Focus on your giants and you will fall. Focus on God and your giants will." So going through that terrible day, I knew I had no control over what was happening with Matt, other than to Focus on God, trust Him and pray!!!

I asked God about what message did He want to share with me. I know that going through tough times, God has a purpose and leaves us with a message of hope. Yes, Matt admits stepping on the plastic was his fault, but nevertheless, God has a message. He reveiled to me...just like Matt didn't listen to his father, we don't always listen to our heavenly Father. When He gives us a warning, we try to do things our just seems like a better way, because we think we are in control. Then when we fall, He allows us to fall...always there...but allowing the fall. Why? It is in the fall that we find out that we have no control! He loves us enough to show that He is there to soften the blow. He is there...never leaving us...always in control!!! His Grace is sufficient and His Love is forever and Mercy abides always!!! He is worthy of all the praise!!!!

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