Friday, July 17, 2009

East Carroll, LA - July 12-18, 2009

Here is a blog from Mission Serve's web:
Today was supposed to be our half day of work with the night off, however the weather made us change plans so we worked a full day today. Today was a hot but very good day. Crews got out to an early start and were out working all day. Even though alot was done on the houses themselves, also alot was done as far as the ministry to the community. Many people from multiple groups were going to neighbors and homeowners in the area and witnessing to them and just talking to them about what they were doing here in East Carroll and why they were doing this. Alot of the youth found this very enjoyable. There were even some people who were ministered too that now come to the sites everyday and help clean up and help do what they can to help and then they usually sit in on the devotion and that is really cool to see these homeowners around the area so energized by what these youth were doing in the area. Some youth have gotten to know some of these people really well and I know that the youth have touched these homeowners' lives but also, I think the youths' lives have been touched by these homeowners.

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